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martes, 18 de junio de 2013


Bueno señores son las 12:30 am y  PETROMINERALES acaba de publicar muy buenas noticias!

Home Run de Petrominerales…. 

Vamos por partes porque el reporte por primera vez en más de 2 años es positivo!

Lo primero es el hallazgo en curito 1 que según las pruebas arrojo 5900 bopd, lo cual no es bueno…es BUENISIMO y creo que es el hallazgo más ... Continuar leyendo

“The well produced an average of 5,973 bopd at a two percent water-cut over 10 hours”

 Luego de pruebas bajaron la producción a 2700 bopd y con un corte de agua de solo 1%.... lo cual señores es sumamente positivo y además abre una nueva .... Continuar leyendo

Aquí no terminan las buenas noticias, Tanto .... Continuar leyendo

Si desea leer nuestro análisis completo donde se revisan todos los hallazgos reportados, la producción, el impacto sobre las acciones y el precio objetivo que tenemos para Petrominerales los invitamos: Continuar leyendo
Si aun no sabe como interpretar estas noticias, que impacto debería tener y que significan para la compañía los invitamos a conocer nuestro servicio : www.arenabursatil.com
La noticia:

Petrominerales Curito-1 Well Tests Over 5,900 Bopd and Provides an Operational Update

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2013) - Petrominerales (PMG.TO) (BVC:PMGC) announces an operational update highlighted by our Curito-1 discovery well that tested over 5,900 barrels of oil per day ("bopd").
Curito Discovery, Casanare Este Block, Central Llanos Basin, Colombia (100% WI)
The Curito-1 exploration well was drilled to target depth of 10,390 feet. We cased the well based on our petrophysical interpretation and performed initial tests using a progressive cavity pump ("PCP") in the following four intervals:
  • the Ubaque test averaged 69 barrels per day of 14.5 degree API oil at a 86 percent water-cut over a 44 hour period;
  • the Gacheta test averaged 93 barrels per day of 14.3 degree API oil at a 52 percent water-cut over a 65 hour period;
  • the Mirador test averaged 162 barrels per day of 29.4 degree API oil at a 70 percent water-cut over a 27 hour period; and
  • the Carbonera C7 test averaged 593 barrels per day of 34.3 degree API oil at an eight percent water-cut over a 43 hour period.
Following analysis of the test results, we equipped the well with an electric submersible pump ("ESP") and initiated a production test of the C7 formation. The well produced an average of 5,973 bopd at a two percent water-cut over 10 hours. Due to limited fluid storage and facilities on site, the ESP was turned off, and the well has been flowing under natural flow conditions for the last four days at a stabilized rate of over 2,700 bopd at less than one percent water-cut. We plan to evaluate the well over a long-term production test to determine the potential size and additional follow-up locations of this new multi-zone discovery.
Production Update
Second Quarter
First Quarter
March 31, 2013
% change
Production (bopd)
Deep Llanos
Central Llanos
Heavy oil
Production Colombia
Production Brazil
Total production
Our second quarter to-date production averaged 21,105 bopd, representing a four percent decrease over the first quarter primarily due to shut-in production of approximately 700 bopd for well servicing and natural declines that exceeded production additions in the period. The majority of our new production was added late in the quarter in June, and as a result our current production is over 24,000 bopd. The main production additions were:
  • Orito-197 that is producing over 1,400 bopd (our working interest);
  • Mantis-4 and Mantis-5 that are currently contributing over 1,400 bopd combined; and
  • Curito-1 that is producing over 2,700 bopd.
In addition, we are currently evaluating two wells that could add production early in July, Taya-2 and Orito-Norte.
Mantis Oil Field, Casimena Block, Central Llanos Basin, Colombia (100% WI)
We drilled two wells, Mantis-4 and Mantis-5 that were not included in our December 31, 2012 reserve report. Mantis-4 confirmed a southwest extension to the field in both the Upper and Lower Mirador Formations. The well was placed on production and to-date has averaged 355 barrels per day of 13 degree API oil at a 93 percent water-cut. Mantis-5 is an in-fill location that was placed on production in June and to-date has averaged 1,080 barrels per day of 14 degree API oil at a 50 percent water-cut. We are currently drilling Mantis-6, a well intended to test a northern extension of the Mantis field.
Orito, Putumayo Basin, Colombia
We recommenced our Orito development drilling program in December 2012 and have drilled four wells to-date targeting the Villeta Formation. Our most recent well, Orito-197, was brought on production in early June and is producing over 1,400 bopd of 26 degree API oil with less than one percent water-cut. Currently, Orito-Norte is being completed and Orito-151 is drilling.
Canaguaro Acquisition Closed
We are pleased to announce that we have closed our previously announced acquisition of an 87.5 percent interest in the Canaguaro Block, pending final ANH approval.
Petrominerales acquired the Canaguaro Block for a cash consideration of US$15.95 million, plus a commitment to carry our joint venture partner on their first US$5.3 million of costs. The Canaguaro Block has one producing oil field, proven reserves and exploration potential.
As previously disclosed, our acquisition of the Canaguaro Block is strategic for a number of reasons, including accretive transaction metrics of $24.57 per barrel of proved plus probable reserves, the addition of 2.3 million barrels of proved plus probable reserves, over 400 bopd of additional production and providing a contiguous area of underexplored land located adjacent to our Blocks 25 and 31. We believe the Canaguaro Block is on the same fault trend as other oil fields to the south of the block, including the Balay discovery and our Corcel and Guatiquia discoveries.
For the remainder of 2013, we plan to drill up to 18 wells, balanced between development drilling opportunities and high-impact exploration. Our plan includes:
  • Continuing development drilling programs at our Orito and Neiva blocks, drilling up to two more wells at Orito and up to six wells at Neiva;
  • Drilling up to two wells on our Central Llanos acreage focusing on appraisal and development wells at our Mantis oil field and new discovery at Curito;
  • Drilling up to four exploration wells in Llanos Basin of Colombia targeting three new Deep Llanos prospects and one lower risk drilling location on our recently acquired Canaguaro Block;
  • Drilling Mochelo Sur horizontal well to validate our heavy oil commercial production plan;
  • Drilling our first two wells in Brazil targeting a large, tight oil resource on our newly acquired lands;
  • Exposure to the first of two high-impact exploration prospects to be drilled by our joint venture partner in Peru at no cost to Petrominerales as we are carried on the cost of these wells by our joint venture partner; and
  • Continue the formal process to pursue opportunities to monetize our pipeline assets.
We look forward to updating our shareholders on our progress throughout 2013


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